Beautiful paper dying with foliage and kitchen scraps.

Science is confirming what we intuitively know;that spending time outdoors and in nature is associated with numerous benefits. Including better physical, mental, and emotional health. The natural environment is a complex and diverse one that contains opportunities for adults and children to learn and develop in all areas.Wild Art believes that nature art helps children to engage in and learn about science and nature.

Forms,textures, shapes and fragrances delight me as I forage in my garden for leaves, flowers seeds and bark. I am experimenting with foliage to refine a non toxic method suitable for children to ink make and Eco print with.

This process involves using heat to draw out the natural pigments of leaves and other plant material to make marks on a surface. Resulting in gorgeous rustic, soft, whimsical patterns.

We are looking forward to sharing this technique with you.

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