Native flower sculptures. Julya Hegarty

For some WildArt followers, you would know that for the past month I have been working and creating with Jane Du Rand. Jane is a Brisbane based mosaic artist who creates the most amazing clay and tile MAMMOTH wall installation pieces.

Jane has recently been commissioned to create and construct a 6 x 4 meter Australian themed mixed media art mosaic. All the mosaic panels are being handmade and pieced together, by a group of dedicated artists and volunteers in her Brisbane studio, then when finished, packaged and very carefully transported and installed on an interior wall for a private company based in Sydney.

The part I am playing in the process, is to create all the Australian flowers. A multitude of native Banksias, kangaroo paws, grevilleas, native grasses, cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, all painstakingly constructed by hand using basic manipulative tools and clay.

This journey for me has been a long time coming, building and honing my creative skills, devoting large blocks of time to developing a deep understanding of the properties of the wonderful tactile clay material.

I have attached a few photos of some of the clay flowers I have been making over the past month. After the raw flowers are kiln fired, the painting process begins, along with another exciting opportunity for me to add to my expanding bank of creative knowledge.

During this whole process, my imagination has truly been unleashed and I absolutely can’t wait to pass on the skills and knowledge I have learned to all the participants of our WildArt clay workshops.

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