Why do children need nature art?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Sensory connection;sound,texture, movement,colour

Why do children need nature art?

Why do children need nature art?

Providing an artistic experience within a nature space is attuned to offering a journey of selfdiscovery.

It is an exploration of complex thoughts and physical skills. The process naturally

leads to personal fulfilment, empowerment, social engagement and relaxation.

Nature Art, and the use of natural tools provides us with a visual representation of a child’s

emotional storytelling. The creative process is the expression of their thoughts and feelings.

Connecting with nature unconsciously triggers a positive modification of behaviour and the link

between child and outdoor spaces is inherently a therapeutic process.

All individuals can be creative to varying degrees and the personal exploration and connection to

different mediums is multi dimensional.

A symbiotic cause and effect relationship unfolds when children are engaged in the process of

nature exploration, which is purely based on motivation and a retrieval of thoughts, ideas and

learned skills to engage in a balanced dance of problem solving.

The finished product being an experience of achievement, emotional expression and self-esteem.

Nature play can be viewed as a perpetuating cycle of creativity, play, emotional outlet and a

deeper insight into the thought processes contained within a child's world.

Allowing time for the full immersion in the physical properties of different natural materials offered

within a nature space, such as the fluidity, malleability, indestructibility, expansiveness,

unpredictability and adaptability, allows the child to explore their full potential, test theories and

ideas, revisit, sit with, and become comfortable with their emotional, physical and behavioural


The role of the adult as the educator is to provide opportunities for exploratory learning through

hands-on tasks, children find stimulating and rewarding and will lead to an expansion of the

child's abilities to communicate. Adults need to continue to explore the link between nature and

the communicative skills of storytelling, via a child's ability to form abstract thought and process

selection, to form new ideas.

The adults objective is to nurture and foster the child's self-growth and skill acquisition through

playful and sensorial engagement with simple and complex materials.

Adults should aim to provide time rich unstructured play, allowing for deep exploration in which

children can enhance their ability to discriminate concepts, encourage independent activity and

thoughts, promote confidence and foster feelings of self-esteem and achievement while using art

mediums as a personal construct to interpret the world around them based on past experiences,

explorations and as predictors of future outcomes.

Sticks, dirt, water, stones, found objects and natural treasures + Unlimited time to explore = Wild


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